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Read all the rules on your Call Sheet so you don't get dropped from the cast.
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Code of Conduct

Post by Em » Mon Jun 16, 2008 11:25 am

Use your judgment: if you follow this simple rule, then everything will be fine! Just treat others the way you want to be treated in turn.

Be Polite: never insult, attack, belittle, or tease any other member; don't indulge in bigotry, libeling, spamming or stealing of any kind.

Honesty: if you are contacted by an Admin or a Moderator, please do not lie. Lying just makes it worse, especially if we have proof against you (as we often do before contacting you). If you're honest and own up to your misdoing, we're likely to be more forgiving and lenient.

Personal Problems: since this is a forum full of artists, instead of psychiatrists, we're not equipped to deal with personal problems. Any advice we could give would likely do more harm than good, so please keep these kinds of topics off the forum. Your family and friends -- or a psychiatrist! -- are much better suited to help out.

Outside Rules: Please abide by all basemakers rules. This especially includes redistributing. Never post someone else's base even with proper crediting. Link to their page instead. If you have to post it, scribble of it or draw a swimsuit.

Broken Rules: if you see a minor rule broken [missing base credit, post in the wrong area, other things that are almost certainly an accident] you can feel free to kindly correct it -- just stay polite and courteous. If something larger is happening, or you don't think you can keep a civil tongue, then please hit the [!] at the top right of the post to report it to the moderators, who will handle it from there!
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Please do not PM Em for any reason; contact any of the other moderators instead!

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